5 things about student life you never get told

5 things about student life you never get told

There is no doubt that the transition from being a sixth former living at home to enrolling as a university student living in a new town or city is a big one. You’re used to all of those creature comforts, but starting again at university can be equally as exciting; equipping you with the life skills to thrive as an independent adult.
However, there are many realisations about life at university that many students only discover once they’ve got there. The SPCE team have all been in your shoes; we’ve all upped sticks and had to start afresh at university. So, speaking from experience, we thought now would be a good time to give you five nuggets of advice about student life that you’re unlikely to get told about anywhere else.

1. You’re unlikely to enjoy much privacy

Of course, you’ll always have the option of retreating to the confines of your bedroom in halls or your student house, but outside of those four walls you’ll no doubt be faced with many of your flatmates each day. Your study schedules will all differ depending on your courses, so there’ll always be plenty of comings and goings. There’s no point stressing about this. In fact, the best thing to do is embrace the regular social interaction – student life would be a darn sight lonelier without it!

2. You’ll have plenty of spare time on your hands

Unless you have a particularly gruelling study schedule, it’s probable that you’ll only be required on campus for lectures, seminars and workshops for no more than a few hours a day. This will leave you with heaps of spare time on your hands – don’t waste it! Either use the extra hours to do some extra studying or get out of the house and familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. We all need a duvet day now and again, but don’t let it become a daily habit!

3. You get a clean slate to do whatever you want

As well as having plenty of spare time outside of your university studies, few people realise the pure freedom they have. You can literally get involved in anything you want, visit nearby towns and cities, join university clubs and societies, hit the Student Union with your housemates or pop home for a quick visit. For most of you it’ll be the first time you get to live without any restrictions. Your parents can’t watch over you like hawks, which gives you the space to find yourself and discover what makes you happiest in life.

4. There’ll be plenty of small-talk

You either enjoy small-talk with random people or you don’t. Unfortunately, there’ll be plenty of it at university regardless. There’ll be times when you have to sit down and chat with coursemates who you don’t know. Either embrace this and see it as a chance to expand your social circle at university or prepare a good list of default questions and answers to get yourself out of trouble!

5. Be ready to watch your groceries like a hawk

Unfortunately, in communal living environments, it’s quite likely that you’ll experience some of your food or drink going ‘missing’ now and then. Most flats have ‘that’ light-fingered person who has no issue using other people’s ingredients to whip up a meal for themselves. This can be particularly frustrating when money is tight and you’re trying to enjoy a healthy student diet whilst hanging on for the next portion of your student loan. One easy solution
is to store all of your food that doesn’t require a fridge or freezer in your bedroom.

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