Can a Student Rent a Private Property Easily?

Can a Student Rent a Private Property Easily?

Can a student rent a private property? The answer quite obviously is yes. A large chunk of students live in accommodation that is provided by private landlords. There are several kinds of private Student property that you can consider in this regard:

  • Private halls of residence
  • A room in the same property occupied by the landlord
  • Property let out by private landlords

In case of property let out by private landlords, you can expect self-contained homes or flats which you can rent solely on your own or share with other tenants. All household bills are usually separate from the rent though a few items may be included like water charges. The tenancy agreement should clearly outline whatever is included with the rent and not. In case you have self-contained accommodation which is not shared with the landlord, you will have an assured short-hold tenancy for a fixed term, i.e. 12 months or even periodic.

When it comes to private halls of residence, managed by companies, these are usually run as charitable trusts/commercial ventures and have specific entry criteria. Bills are usually included in the accommodation price. These private halls are not tied to any specific university and there will be certain standards expected with regard to maintenance and repair, health and safety and relationships between student tenants and managers. You will get an assured short-hold tenancy in this case as well, i.e. 50/51 weeks though some may get shorter periods.

If you are renting a room in the home of your landlord and share any Student accommodation with him/her, i.e. the kitchen/bathroom, then you will be a lodger. You will have your own room without exclusive usage of the same. Your landlord can come into the room without taking your permission. Lodgers are required to fork out a charge encompassing rent and bills and even meals in some cases. You will be an excluded occupier in this case. The right to rent from a private landlord applies to all private tenants aged over 18 years irrespective of nationality. Tenants subletting a room/rooms are responsible for carrying out all major checks.

Any student entering a tenancy agreement for privately rented accommodation should first confirm that they possess the legal right to live in the United Kingdom prior to the landlord issuing the verbal or written agreement for renting the room/property. This is the right to rent from a private This cannot be carried out more than 28 days prior to entering an agreement/contract with a private landlord. You must be present when this check takes place and a copy of the necessary document should be taken by the landlord or his/her agent and the date of the right to rent check must be recorded while the original is to be returned to you.

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