Can student rent be deducted from taxes in the UK?

Can student rent be deducted from taxes in the UK?
  • Living costs have gradually risen for most students studying in the United Kingdom (UK). As a result, a whopping 70% of students usually have to take up part-time jobs while pursuing their degrees. Many of these students who are working while they are studying, sometimes tend to overpay income taxes without realizing that they may be able to get student tax refunds. You will always get student council tax exemptions in case you are a full time student but there are income taxes still to be paid.
  • Many students often overpay their taxes when they start working since many employers put them on incorrect/emergency tax codes (PAYE codes) in case students do not supply copies of P45 as proof of the tax code. Students going on a particular placement year or even working part-time while studying at universities majorly do so over a two period which can often end up confusing the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs).
  • Many students do not earn more than the personal tax-free allowance within a single year but working extra shifts mean that full time hours may be notched up. By law, £11,500 is the maximum amount in a year that can be earned as a tax-free allowance. Thereafter, income tax of 20% is charged on anything that is earned above this threshold.
  • Coming to the question of student rent as tax deductibles, you should know that this majorly applies in the case of council taxes. However, full time students are exempted from paying council taxes, i.e. the student property occupied wholly by full time university/college students will be exempted from any council taxes. Student halls of residence are also exempted from council taxes. As a result, your rent will be tax deductible and exempted in this case. You should be a full time student however; this means that you should be involved in at least 21 hours of tuition/study/work experience every week during your term time or your tenure as a student should last at least a single academic/calendar year for a minimum of 24 weeks out of the year in question.
  • Local authorities may require you to submit proof of being a full time student. You may submit a certificate obtained from your college or university which should provide the same unless more than a year has gone by since your course concluded. If you are seeking reasonably priced and safe rented accommodation in the United Kingdom (UK), you can try SPCE which is an innovative renting app connecting students with landlords near their university campuses, working as a safe intermediary between the landlord and the tenants.
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