How to choose your housemates at university

How to choose your housemates at university

As your first term at university draws to a close, all the talk around campus will be of arranging second-year accommodation. As we’ve previously revealed, the best private student accommodation for your following year of studies is usually snapped up by groups of savvy students before Christmas.

Moving out of the confines of university-operated halls of residence can be an exhilarating experience. It gives you a taste of the real world as a student tenant and provides you with a dose of independence that you’ll no doubt thrive on.

However, if you make a bad choice of housemates for your second or third-year private accommodation, you could end up in a world of pain. It could affect you financially and negatively impact upon your studies too.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the right housemates and safely negotiate the social minefield that is the private vetting of your newfound friends at university.

Avoid living exclusively with people on your course

If you have made a heap of friends from your university course, the temptation will be to choose to live with them next year. However, this might not be best for you six months down the line. Think about it carefully. If you are seeing your course mates every day in class and at home, you might get tired of each other’s company fast. It’s a good idea to have housemates with a mix of interests and courses at university. It keeps things fresh and helps to widen your social circle.

Weigh up your flatmates from halls of residence

If you have already bonded and lived with your flatmates in halls of residence for the last few months, the easiest and safest bet may be to find a place to live with them for next year too. You will have already established the people within your flat that you enjoy spending time with and those that you have little in common with.

Don’t move in with a current (or potential) love interest

This is never a good move. The last thing you should do is move in with a boy or girl that you like to try and improve your chances of becoming an item. The likelihood is that it will all end in tears, resulting in mass embarrassment. It could leave you having to find a last-ditch house share halfway through term time which could affect your studies.

Choose housemates with a similar budget to you

The last thing you want throughout term time is to have money troubles hanging over you whilst studying. That’s why you should choose housemates that have the same monthly budget to work with. This will ensure you find a student house that doesn’t have extortionate household expenses that will force you to sacrifice your socialising fund each month.

Consider the habits of your prospective housemates

If you are serious about your studies, the last thing you want is to live with night owls that will keep you up until 5am with midweek partying. If you aren’t a smoker, you’ll also want to choose housemates that don’t either. It can also be a challenge living with groups of couples. They will naturally gravitate to one another and spend more time alone; the last thing you want is to feel lonely or a gooseberry!

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