A comprehensive list of services to set up when you move into your student accommodation

A comprehensive list of services to set up when you move into your student accommodation

Moving into your first student house or flat with friends is pretty much the most exciting thing that will have happened to you so far. Living with your mates under the same roof is sure to create amazing memories (and potentially fodder for those future embarrassing wedding speeches!)

However, it’s important you don’t get too caught up in the frenzy of moving day and forget to set up your essential services and accounts to help run your home smoothly.

If you and your friends need some pointers to understand what you need to sort out on or before moving day, take a look at the services below as a starting point:

    • Set up your internet and phone line
      An absolute must for almost every student household today – especially with all those Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts! You must ensure that your telephone line is activated to receive broadband or fiberoptic connectivity. This is not an instantaneous process, so before your moving day you may look to source the best deal on broadband for your housemates – bearing in mind you’ll need considerable bandwidth if there’s multiple users on a daily basis!
    • Pay for or set up a payment plan for a TV license (if necessary)
      It doesn’t matter whether you’re streaming or watching television, the laws have changed to make it compulsory to purchase a TV license for both forms of entertainment. However, if your property is not connected to a TV aerial and you only use your television to play computer games, you can write in to TV Licensing to ask for exemption. TV licenses don’t need to paid in full outright, instead you can set up a monthly payment plan to spread the cost.
    • Ascertain your utility providers (and take meter readings)
      On moving day, be sure to take meter readings of your gas and electric. Liaise with your landlord to find out the property’s utility providers so that you can set up new accounts using the latest meter readings.
    • Contents insurance
      The property landlord will be required to insure the building itself as a condition for their mortgage. However, it’s important that you protect your belongings and valuables with contents insurance valid from your moving in day.
    • Mail forwarding
      If you’ve been receiving personal mail at your Halls of Residence or your family home, it’s a good idea to set up a mail forwarding service to have all of your post redirected to your student house.
    • Notify the local Council to secure exemption from Council Tax
      If all occupants of your private accommodation are full-time students you can secure exemption from the local Council for Council Tax. Some councils will only require you to call them up and provide your names and student numbers to arrange your exemption over the phone. However, others still ask for a ‘certificate of student status’ which can be picked up from your university’s admissions office.

    • Direct debits for rent payments
      If you want to get into good habits with paying your rent, consider setting up a direct debit to go out of your personal bank account into your landlord’s account on a specific date each month. Remember, when you rent private student accommodation through the new SPCE app, you’ll have the benefit of payment schedules and automation to help you manage payments to your landlord seamlessly, without any fuss or delay.

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