The definitive list of questions to ask when viewing private student accommodation

The definitive list of questions to ask when viewing private student accommodation

Whether you’re moving into your first private student accommodation alone or with a group of university pals, it’s a very exciting time. Your time at university should be memorable enough to want to tell the future grandkids and one important factor in enjoying your student digs and hanging out with your friends is a reliable landlord.

If you’re already planning viewings of potential student houses for next year, kudos to you. It certainly pays to be prepared and you’ll definitely get your pick of the best houses if you start early. We’ve been there before, which is why we’ve put together this handy list of questions to ask of your landlord when viewing private student accommodation:


  • How much is the initial deposit?
  • Are bills included in the rent?
  • What date is the rent due and how does it need to be paid?
  • Are there any penalties for late payment of rent?
  • What is the length of the tenancy agreement?
  • How is the deposit refunded at the end of the tenancy agreement?
  • Will we receive an inventory upon moving-in day?
  • Is the property furnished or unfurnished?
  • Has the property ever had issues with damp or pest infestations?
  • Is there a history of break-ins or burglaries?
  • Are pets allowed? If so, is there an additional charge?
  • Can the property be altered cosmetically? E.g. painted walls?
  • Are all electrical appliances in good working order? Have they been periodically tested?
  • Does the property have a fully functioning fire alarm system?
  • Will you provide notice before entering the property for inspection?
  • Who is the point of contact for emergencies and maintenance issues?
  • How quickly will maintenance issues be corrected?
  • Is it possible to chat with current or previous tenants to find out their experiences?
  • What are the property’s neighbours like?
  • What/where are the local amenities?


This may seem like a pretty exhaustive list and you might fear that prospective landlords will get frustrated answering so many questions; but if they are genuine they will appreciate your desire to find the right accommodation.

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