When Should Freshers Start Looking for 2nd Year Accommodation?

When Should Freshers Start Looking for 2nd Year Accommodation?

So, you’ve survived Fresher’s Week and you’re now starting to make inroads into your study timetable? Congratulations, that’s quite the achievement!

Aside from getting to grips with your first term on your university course – and mastering a pasta bake, of course – you’ll soon overhear flatmates and course mates talking about second year accommodation.

Yes, that’s right, you’ll have to think about where you’re going to live next year in your first term at university! Most private student accommodation contracts are signed and sealed before Christmas, with many private landlords placing their properties up for let with lettings agents by the time Halloween has been and gone.

Try not to get too hung up on who to live with in your second year at university. If you haven’t yet developed a group of friends that you socialise with on and off campus, don’t panic. There are private accommodation options to suit all scenarios, with the option of renting out a single room in a student house and everything up to an entire six-bedroomed house for you and your pals.

Although we might be somewhat biased, by using SPCE for your student accommodation search, you can find, view and rent great rooms individually or in groups – whilst still retaining the advantages of individual tenancy liability. In scenarios where there are multiple occupants in a student home, tenancy agreements with landlords on SPCE mean that you only pay for your rent and any damage which is your fault.

Where should you live in your town or city?

This is a major conundrum for those unfamiliar with your university town or city. Being close to your university campus can be advantageous in terms of getting extra sleep before 9am lectures but having a bus or tram link to campus would be equally beneficial.

Consider living in a student neighbourhood, so that you don’t run the risk of disrespecting locals with your late-night parties. Living close to supermarkets and other amenities is also handy, while reviewing local crime rates is also useful to put your minds at ease.

What to look for in 2nd year student accommodation

  • A property that’s relatively warm and energy efficient – to minimise energy bills
  • A mould-free property – to keep you fit and healthy
  • A property with adequate social space to eat meals together and host parties
  • A landlord you can trust to keep you safe and secure – to allow you to focus on your studies

Ready to start student house-hunting?

When you’re at university, the last thing you need is to spend hours on end visiting letting agents and trawling through their available properties.

At SPCE, we’ve streamlined the student housing process, putting thousands of student rental homes across the UK at your fingertips via our app.

You can view student properties owned by landlords that have been rated and reviewed by your fellow students. Through the SPCE app, you can also liaise with your landlord at any time. No more broken locks or ovens. All our approved landlords will treat you with the respect you deserve. If you’re planning for life in your second year at university already, we’re here to make student living as easy as it should be.

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