The importance of attending university open days

The importance of attending university open days

If you’ve narrowed down your choice of universities to just a couple of options, it’s essential that you pay them both a visit on an open day. This will help you get a better understanding of what life would be like studying at there and living in the surrounding areas.

It’s important to bear in mind that your chosen university will be your new home for at least the next three study years and the last thing you want is the upheaval of dropping out of your course due to not fitting in. With that in mind, make sure you do the following on your next university open day:

Check out the town or city centre

As much as you might want your parents to think that you’ll be a bookworm in the university library, there will be times outside of study hours that you’ll want to unwind and find entertainment with your course mates and housemates. Take a walk into the university’s closest town or city centre; how far is it from the campus? Is it walking distance? Or would you need to fork out for a bus or train ticket? These are the kind of practicalities you can only discover by visiting for yourself.

Use current students as a soundboard

There is no better group of people to sound out at university open days than current students; particularly those ones already enrolled on your course. Some open days will feature current students as a matter of course, available to answer your questions throughout the day. If not, don’t be embarrassed to stop a few students in the corridor and ask politely about their university experiences so far.

Assess your accommodation options

Although you’ll be spending a lot of time studying on campus, you’ll be spending just as much time in your student digs. Try and get viewings of as many student accommodation options as possible to ascertain what you want from your living space, such as an en-suite bathroom or laundry facilities. You might also be able to find a better deal with a private student landlord that’s approved by the university. With our very own app, you can view and arrange viewings of available student properties on the date of the open day for your convenience.

Try and meet your prospective course lecturers

No-one will enthuse you about your university course more than the course lecturers. During the open day, try and get a couple of minutes with your prospective teachers and decide whether you can gel with them on a personal level to make it easier to digest their qualified expertise. It’s also good to get a feel for what the course will be like. Will it be very classroom-based, or will it be practical-based? What are the job prospects like after graduation? Most course leaders should be able to give you this information from the word go.

Familiarise yourself with the campus

University life is all about finding a balance between studying and socialising. If you’re a social person by nature, it’s a good idea to have a wander around the university’s student union to get a feel for the kind of clubs, societies and activities you can get involved in on a weekly basis.

Follow this advice and at the end of the open day, we’re sure that you’ll have a much better idea of whether you can see a future for yourself there.

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