Meet the team #insideSPCE: Rainbow Kwok

Meet the team #insideSPCE: Rainbow Kwok

What’s your name, and what do you do at SPCE?

My name is Rainbow (yes, you read it right!) and I’m the VP Marketing – Asia Pacific as I’m based in Hong Kong.

How did you get here?

I was a university student when I first started this role so I really know what students need and want. Coming across so many exchange students in my university life, I realised that there are so many struggles people encountered when moving to a new country – I wanted to make a difference to this process, and I have also worked in marketing in Hong Kong, plus I am really into social media so I guess this is how it all started!

What do you find unique about working with the SPCE team?

We are such a dynamic team and I love how everyone has really different background and talent. We compliment each other and work as a team.

What have you most enjoyed about the project so far?

I am currently preparing the HK launch party. It is really exciting because we are expanding and the whole team will be coming to Hong Kong too!

How many times have you moved house?

Six times.

What’s your top rented accommodation decorating tip?

I love taking photos so I always have a lot of photos on walls, or hanging in my room. They are easy to take off too so it’s perfect.

What has been your worst rental experience?

I had a really strange roommate before… that’s why it’s important to try and get to know your roommates before you rent the place!

And last…but not least…what’s your jam?

I love really all kind of music! Depends on my mood – when I work out or I’m on my way to work in the morning I love some pumped up music; when I read or need to focus I love songs without lyrics (so I won’t just keep singing).

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