Missed the UCAS deadline? Here’s what to do next

Missed the UCAS deadline? Here’s what to do next

If you missed the 15th January deadline for UCAS applications, don’t panic. Although it’s not ideal, it’s not the end of the world if you still want to start a university course this autumn.

What many students don’t realise is that it’s still possible to submit applications to UCAS after the 15th January deadline. However, the key difference is that, after the deadline, universities are no longer obliged to give your application equal consideration than those submitted before the deadline.

First come, first served applications until 30th June

The next deadline you should now be focused on is 30th June. That is the cut-off point for applications for immediate consideration. As we’ve said, missing the 15th January deadline simply means that some of the courses you are interested in may already be full up of prompt applicants, depending on the competitiveness of the course and the university’s appeal. Applications between 16th January and 30th June are on a first come, first served basis.

Want to study at Oxbridge in 2018? You’ve already missed the boat

If you want to study at Oxford or Cambridge, or enrol in a medicine, dentistry or veterinary course, you have already missed the deadline for courses starting in autumn 2018. The cut-off point for UCAS applications for the above was 15th October 2017. Bear this in mind if you’re happy to wait for the 2019 intake. Your UCAS application will need to be prepared and submitted by October this year.

For those wanting to enrol in art and design-focused courses at university, time is still of the essence. These courses at the most prestigious universities tend to have application deadlines of the 24th March, giving you just two months to get your application and personal statement together. Bear in mind you might be able to get a place on an art and design course through Clearing, but this is unlikely to be at one of the leading institutions.

Before you submit your application, it’s a good idea to check what places are available on your desired courses. The UCAS course search function will help you find this out at the click of a few buttons. However, if you’re searching for available places almost immediately after missing the January application deadline, it can actually be more beneficial to wait a few weeks before submitting. That’s because most universities will be inundated with applications processed before the deadline and are unlikely to know for sure how many places they have left to offer.

UCAS Extra and Clearing

It’s a good idea to hang fire until mid-February, when the universities will notify UCAS of the remaining places available via UCAS Extra, which opens from 25th February and runs until 4th July for applicants that missed the January deadline or were unsuccessful in all of their initial choices.

If you miss the 30th June deadline, your UCAS application will automatically enter the Clearing pool. That’s not necessarily the end of the world, with tens of thousands of students across the UK finding their university place via Clearing each year. However, be prepared to be flexible on where and what you study as places are few and far between at the most prestigious institutions.

Hopefully this article provides a little reassurance about your UCAS application and your opportunities of securing a place at university later this year. Good luck!

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