How much is student rent in UK? Here’s a helpful guide!

How much is student rent in UK? Here’s a helpful guide!
  • Wondering how much is student rent in UK? The rentals that you may have to pay is influenced by the type of accommodation you choose. These include the following:
    • University halls
    • Private halls
    • Private flats/houses
    • Purpose built student accommodation which is not linked to the university
  • When it comes to rental costs, the average rent for a room in any purpose-built student accommodation has increased by around 25% over the last 3-4 years. You can expect anything close to £125 per week, that is close to £5,250 per annum.
  • However, average rentals vary from one provider to another. Purpose-built accommodation has several categories. Weekly rentals can be below £120 in case of university-owned halls of residence as compared to higher rentals for private owned halls of residence which are connected through a nomination agreement. The weekly rental may also shoot up to about £140 or higher in case of halls which are operated by private suppliers who do not possess any links to the institution in question.
  • Rentals also vary depending on the location and the accommodation category you choose. London is one of the most expensive places for student rentals in the UK with averages touching over £157 per week. This is due to the high number of premium and luxurious studio flats for students in London. Some of these may even cost over £300 per week. The eastern part of England also has high student rentals which can touch over £134 while the cheapest student rentals are available in Northern Ireland, where you can get rentals for around £83.
  • The commonest accommodation type is en-suite self-catered rooms which takes up a whopping 55% of the purpose-built student housing segment. This costs £121.71 per week on an average for a single room as compared to an average of £97.48 for a single room complete with shared bathroom facilities.
  • Non-en-suite cluster flats have always been more affordable in terms of student accommodation. This cheaper type of provision is steadily going down in the market. The number of bed spaces in catered accommodation is going down steadily and students at educational institutions where these are available fork out an average of £139.99 per week for a full-board single room. The average cost is also £165.36 for a full-board en-suite.
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