Sound university accommodation advice

Sound university accommodation advice
  • When it comes to university accommodation advice, there are several factory that you should consider. These tips will help you stay calm and pinpoint the best possible options for your needs. Most students choose university student halls of residence during their first year.
    1. Send your application as early as possible
  • Due to limited availability, it is always recommended to apply as early as possible. It is more convenient to live in close proximity to the university than have an en-suite bathroom. Shared bathrooms are always better in case you get a place near your university. You may not get the first possible choice that you desire and don’t lose your head over it. It may not always be a bad thing.
    1. Do not reject cheap and very low priced halls outright.
  • Accommodation may be very cheap and quite basic but it may give you benefits and an atmosphere that you may not find elsewhere. Always enjoy the vibe of living in a hall since you will get to be friends with many people and will be able to reach your university in time. When you think of costs, private landlord accommodation may work out cheaper in comparison to halls of residence. However, the benefits are widespread as you can well understand. Factor in hidden costs including food, location and so on. Living in university halls will help you make loads of friends and there will be several activities and Facebook groups to be part of.
    1. Opt for catered halls of residence.
  • Always remember that there are options for every budget and taste. There are cleaning services available across halls of residence so keep an eye on the same. Make sure that everything is included in your monthly rent so that you don’t have to deal with a pile of bills each month. University student halls will always have to adhere to health and safety standards and will be safer than private rented accommodation. Find out who your Residential Advisor (RA) is and this will probably be an older student who lives nearby and go to him/her for help and advice.
  • These tips will help you make the most of your first year in a university hall of residence. To learn more about potential accommodation options, try SPCE, a one-stop renting option for students who wish to find accommodation options near their universities.
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