Where is student accommodation in most demand in the UK?

Where is student accommodation in most demand in the UK?

Demand for student accommodation is reaching new highs throughout the UK. Not only are British students looking for a safe place to life during their university studies, there are many overseas students that venture to the UK for university too.

In fact, the Higher Education Statistics Agency claims almost a fifth (19%) of all students in higher education across the UK are from abroad. This figure rises to a whopping 53% when it comes to full-time postgraduates.

It’s clear that the competition for university-owned and private student accommodation in the UK is truly global. This is a wonderful advert for British universities, many of which are keen to internationalise their institutions and expand their appeal as study destinations.

If you’re starting to look at potential UK universities to enrol in undergraduate or postgraduate courses, read on to discover the towns and cities experiencing the most competition for student accommodation.


According to the QS World University Rankings 2015/16, London was named as the fifth best student city on the planet. There is 19 – yes, 19 – different universities and higher education colleges located in the English capital, with more than two-fifths (42%) of its students venturing here from outside the UK.


England’s ‘second city’ is also the second largest centre for higher education outside of London, boasting five universities. As a thriving centre for technology, commerce and financial services, Birmingham is now a city heavily invested in innovation which appeals greatly to students across the UK and beyond.


Leeds offers a magnificent student lifestyle for undergrads and postgrads. With average weekly living costs said to come in far cheaper than nearby Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle, it’s a city that should certainly get your interest. Its nightlife is some of the best in the UK too with something for everyone on offer. Although it’s a thriving metropolis, it’s also a stone’s throw from the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales too.


Manchester’s world-class universities are hard to beat. Combine that with a student scene that’s up there with Leeds for its vibrant and eclectic nightlife and it’s easy to see why Manchester’s student accommodation is in such high demand. Students that graduate from Manchester-based universities tend to be looked upon favourably by prospective employers too.


During term time, Liverpool boasts a student population of more than 70,000. That’s more than many modest towns across the country. Its four universities are well-served by a city with an outstanding social vibe and is well-connected to all four corners of the UK.


Almost a quarter (23%) of all students at universities in Newcastle are from overseas, which highlights the growing internationalisation of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the north-east of England.


Sheffield is very much a tale of two universities: Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University. The Steel City is home to over 60,000 students each year, with much of the city geared towards student life. Sheffield is another well-connected city, which appeals greatly to students nationwide and beyond.


There are few student cities in the UK more dynamic and cosmopolitan than Brighton. With a wonderful beachfront and pier on tap and an eclectic, welcoming student culture, Brighton is one of the most appealing places to study in Britain. It’s also a stone’s throw from London, which makes it very popular with students in the English capital.

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