A Student’s Guide to Oxford

A Student’s Guide to Oxford

If you are fortunate enough to have Oxford University as an option for your undergraduate studies, what on earth are you waiting for?! Oxford’s university is one of the most historic on the planet and it’s also one of the best. There’s no doubt that completing a university degree at Oxford will be a lot of work, but it won’t be all work and no play… and that’s where we come in!

We’ve put together everything you need to know about exploring this fine city whilst thriving as an undisputed academic.

Main attractions in Oxford

  • It would be remiss of us not to include the UK’s oldest museum here. The Ashmolean is the University of Oxford’s very own museum of archaeology and art, with a spectacular permanent collection of artefacts. Their year-round exhibitions are also free to experience for students and are the most idyllic way to wile away an afternoon after a hectic morning with your head in the books.
  • Is there anything more relaxing than punting along the River Thames in the Oxfordshire sunshine? Some of you might have thought punting was a very ‘Cambridge’ tradition, but we can assure you that it’s very much alive and kicking among University of Oxford students too!
  • Looking for some peace and tranquillity to clear your head? Or perhaps you’re wanting a relaxed location for a date beyond the confines of the city centre? The Botanic Gardens opposite Magdalen College is a picture-perfect green space that may even prove inspirational for your work as well as your social life!

Restaurants in Oxford

  • Looking for a suitable substitute for your mum’s home cooking? The Nosebag ticks all of the right boxes. Their home-made meals are full of flavour, with generous portion sizes to help your student budget go further. Open seven days a week, students are particularly keen on their lunchtime hot meals which come with three side salads – enough to curb even the biggest appetites!
  • Located on the corner of Gloucester Green is the bustling Falafel House, a popular stall that specialises in freshly made falafel and continues to do a roaring trade. Their immensely good value falafel wraps, crammed with fresh hummus, halloumi and tahini are the perfect boost after a heavy night out with pals.
  • The perfect place for when Tesco Value’s pasta twists just don’t cut the mustard, Gino’s Spaghetti House is arguably the most authentic Italian restaurant in Oxford. It’s typically Italian decorations, bustling dining atmosphere and hearty grub make this a true favourite with local students. Their weekday set menu featuring a pasta or pizza, a side salad and a drink is fantastic value.
  • Dosa Park is not much to look at from the outside but this South Indian restaurant/takeaway more than makes up for that with a great range of delicious Indian home cooking. The modest restaurant is almost always full and the takeaways are extremely generous, with a vast stuffed dosa only likely to set you back between £4-£5. You can even get your paws on an entire tandoori chicken and get change from a tenner!

Nightlife in Oxford

  • The King’s Arms is arguably the most well-known pub in the city, due in no small part to its very central location. The King’s Arms is particularly popular with the arts and drama crowd from the university and, as such, leaves its doors open a little later to cater for post-theatre refreshments.
  • A more upmarket bar than a public house, the Duke of Cambridge boasts an eclectic choice of cocktails which can be very reasonably priced if you time it right and visit during happy hour (4pm-9pm weekdays and 4pm-7.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays).
  • Purple Turtle is the Oxford Student Union’s underground bar, where exceedingly cheap drinks can be had. It’s a particularly good starting point for any night out and is a stone’s throw from The Cellar, which is a similarly underground nightclub tailor-made for rock and alternative indie fans.
  • Plush is the city’s one and only gay club and its doors are open to all. Each term features a ‘drag night’, known as Haute Mess and this attracts all of the very best student drag acts looking to strut their stuff!

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